Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Networking

My group and I have been further discussing the topic of college, specifically college awareness. Taking note of how eager the students are to see what college looks like - they want to see a dorm, a typical college day, and college life in general. So we are trying understand how and in which ways we can create a way for college students to inform high school students about college and the college experience. The students of the Brightmoor community should have a way to access information to answer their curiosities and inquiries. If college is not a part of ones culture, like it is perhaps ours, then how is someone supposed to know if they should attend college and/or that it could be an essential step in making their way into the real world and finding a job, or pursuing a passion. By understanding how college and the steps we have taken in our lives have become pertinent in our own micro worlds, we can try to explore and see how it may be possible to assert similar ideals into others' lives...
We have discussed some ideas of an online network where students of all ages can share information and knowledge with one another - maybe this is an after school activity.... ??
How do we maintain a fun atmosphere and make this something intriguing for all participants?
Is this universal or are there only limited subjects within?

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