Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food and After-School Engagement

Our group discussed several issues surrounding food--specifically nutrition, school lunches, lack of knowledge about food preparation, and access to food. We also discussed how many of the students at Detroit Community School said they do not have anything to do after school or if they do, they have to travel to the suburbs for fun things to do. We wanted to find a way in which students could be educated and trained in nutrition and food preparation while also socializing with one another outside of class. This led to the idea of an after-school pizza cafe where some students could work and others could eat and socialize with one another. Most students are hungry after school and their parents are working till at least 5 p.m. This pizza cafe, with fresh pizzas made with local ingredients, would provide a fun, healthy, and creative way for students to eat and be involved in an after-school activity.

-Alana Hoey

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