Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Wednesday, the group I was talking with - housing - came up with a list of problems: abandoned houses being eye sores, having unused materials just sitting there, and a lack of lighting/lack of security. We came up with a couple solutions: creating some sort system using bicycle-powered lighting where kids/whoever can pedal the bike to make the sculpture and/or house and/or street(s) light up; we thought about designing a system to teach people how to take down houses and potentially use those materials towards something else; or we ourselves take down a house and turn the materials into a sculpture; we also thought about taking an abandoned house and turning it into a community center where teachers can go help students, tutoring could be available, counseling for college/careers, and other ideas in that realm. Any thoughts to add to any of these ideas? Any other problems you can think of associated with abandoned houses?


  1. Here's a project from the Wooster Collective that you guys might be interested in - I know it isn't exactly related to revitalizing abandoned houses, but it does show what some artists have done with them before.

  2. your group may want to become familiar with the work of Young Detroit Builders

    they fix up old houses for low income people while teaching carpentry skills to local youth - maybe they have a house deconstruction program, or need one designed?