Saturday, November 19, 2011

College Collision; Project Proposal

Project Proposal: Disentangling the complex web of perceptions and apprehensions about College amongst the DCS students, approaching the situation as a design challenge we propose Hands-On ‘Engage with New Skills’ workshops at the school that hope to bring energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and newfound interests in skills that are generally pursued at college.

Assimilating their interests in athletics, art and design to start off this series of workshops is the ‘Design Your Sneaker’ Workshop initiated by our group that attempts at introducing the DCS students to ‘footwear design’ with the incentive of sending all their final designs for the Nike 2012 Shoe Design Competition.

We hope by setting an example with this workshop we can promote the concept to other U.M departments and help create a succession of collaborative workshops between Michigan and DCS immensely rewarding learning experiences for everyone.

(Daniel, Jennifer, Mithula, Neil, Zack)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cardboard Furniture Photos

Great work last week on cardboard projects with the 9th graders - I posted photos at the link below. some great ones!